Birzim Multi® is a multienzyme combination containing Endo 1,3(4) Beta-glucanase and Endo 1,4 Xylanase enzymes that digest the Non-Starch Polysaccharides (NOP) found in the cell walls of grains and legumes used in animal nutrition. It is stable at low pH and high temperatures.
Birzim Multi® Activity :
Endo 1,3(4) Beta-glucanase Min 70 U/g
Endo 1.4 Xylanase Min 100 U/g


NOPs, mostly in the aleurone layer of cereals (6-9%); Available as soluble or insoluble fiber. The poultry digestive system has few or no enzymes required to digest NOPs. Undigested NOPs
It creates serious digestive problems and nutrients are lost with defecation before they can be digested.
With the NOP enzymes it contains, Birzim Multi® ensures the breakdown of indigestible NOP in the pericarp and cell wall. Then the animal’s endogenic digestive enzymes (Amylase, Protease,..) come into play and optimum digestion is ensured.
Better feed conversion (FCR) and nutrient uptake, environmental protection (less N, P and fecal mass) are achieved with Birzim Multi®. Digestive problems (watery feces, excretion of live feed, etc.) are reduced. It increases the metabolic energy, protein and other nutrients gained from raw materials. It enables the use of cheap and easily available raw materials. It helps to protect animal health by improving digestion. It reduces the cost of feed ration.
Prebiotic effect with Birzim Multi®: NOP enzymes break down complex polymers into small molecules. Intestinal bacteria use them to ferment volatile fatty acids and provide energy and pathogen control.
Birzim Multi® ; It is produced in accordance with HACCP procedures, FAO/WHO JECFA, FCC FAMIQs standards.


Animal SpicesPackaging Shape
1000 gr / ton feed in broilers5, 10, 25 kg kraft bags
1000 gr/ ton feed in layers5, 10, 25 kg kraft bags
1000 gr / ton feed in other species5, 10, 25 kg kraft bags

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