It is a mixture of Sodium Formate, Calcium propionate, Colloidal Silica.


It is a combination of organic acids that prevent mold formation in mixed feeds and all raw materials used in compound feed production and also have antibacterial properties.
FUNGSTOP, is used to prevent to prolong the storage period of feed and feed raw materials under all conditions, to have an antibacterial effect in the digestive systems of animals and to prevent mycotoxing growth in feed and feed raw materials,thus protecting animals against mycotoxication.
FUNGSTOP is also used in feeds and feedstuffs to prevent the growth and reproduction of fungi and yeasts.


• FUNGSTOP prevents the growth and reproduction of molds, fungi and yeasts in compound feeds and feed raw materials. It prevents mycotoxin formation and the risk of toxication.

• It prevents nutrient losses caused by fungi in bad storage conditions.

• Helps control Salmonella and Gram(-) bacteria in feed under poor storage conditions. Organic acids in egg feeds are very important in the fight against salmonella. Salmonella contamination is reduced when used in broiler and calf feeds. When used in cow feeds, it reduces the risk of toxin contamination in milk.

• Formic acid and propionic acid are organic acids with strong antibacterial effects. Propionic acid is effective in preventing mold caused by Aspergillus, Fusarium, and Penicillium species.

• In regular use of FUNGSTOP, it has a positive effect as a productivity enhancer in increasing the performance of animals.


According to the moisture rate and risk size of the feed. 1000 g-3000 g / ton is used
In cases where the risk is low 1000 g-2000 g / ton is used

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