Optiboost, which is completely herbal; It is the most preferred alternative and specific product in recent times in terms of use in poultry and other farm animal rations, rich in β-galactomannans and fiber value. This product, which is rich in calcium and potassium, creates a barrier against the colonization of gram-negative bacteria such as E.coli and vibrio cholerae by clinging to the intestinal epithelium, due to its natural prebiotic structure in the intestines, in addition to its antioxidant feature. Thus, with the first use, it ensures the excretion of the microorganisms in question together with the feces and increases the efficiency in animals by providing a cleaner and highly absorbable intestinal environment for the animal. In addition, studies have shown that optiboost has a positive and enhancing effect on fertility (fertility and fertility) in animals.

Another important point in its preference is to strengthen the immune system and to reduce the rate of common diseases in farm animals, especially salmonella (a rod-shaped, Gram-negative enterobacterium that can cause paratyphoid and food poisoning in the Enterobacteriaceae family) and to use an alternative salmonella inhibitor for the control of the disease. is role playing. In particular, its salmonella inhibitory property has proven to have a positive effect on nutrient absorption from the intestinal surface volume and ultimately on animal performance in poultry diets supplemented with the addition of β-mannanase. In addition, another positive aspect is; The product also has a high success rate in the treatment of gout.

Effect on Poultry; Positive Results

According to the researches, it has been determined that, as a result of the use of this product in poultry, in parallel with the decrease in the population of gram-negative bacteria in the intestine, the intestinal villi are longer in the animals used, and therefore the nutrient absorption is higher due to the increase in the intestinal surface volume. While a significant increase was detected in terms of its positive effect on fertility, especially in breeding flocks, it was observed that it had a successful role in reducing the number of dirty eggs due to increasing litter quality and improving the quality of manure, as well as its positive effect on egg production in layers.

 Effect on Pigs; Positive Results

According to the use of the product in pig farms and the results obtained; It has been revealed that it increases the live weight and pre-slaughter carcass weight on a kilogram basis, and in case of continuous use, it allows to obtain more desired fat carcass. In addition, it was concluded that it was successful in the fight against salmonella in pig farms and reduced the incidence of the disease.

Effect on Ovines; Positive Results

While the positive effects of the use of Optiboost product in ovines are present among the research findings that intestinal parasites especially female parasites reduce fertility and the number of fecal eggs is reduced accordingly, it has been determined that the intestinal parasites, especially Haemonchus Contortus worm burden, of ovines with 12% optiboost product added to their rations. In addition, it has been determined that optiboost can be an alternative product for the control of coccidiosis in lambs and goats, it can reduce the rate of Eimeria oocyst secretion by lambs, and as a result, the farm environment can be less contaminated with parasites.

Another important issue that has been determined about ruminants is that it increases the reproductive capacity; It is among the information determined that it improves semen quality especially in men and has important roles in increasing sperm motility.

Effect on Fish; Positive Results

In a study investigating the effect of Optiboost product on fish, it was found that feeding tilapia fish with 1.25% carob syrup for 60 days did not have a negative effect on growth performance or serum biochemical variables, but increased gene expression responses, some innate immune parameters and ammonia resistance of the fish. In this study, it has been demonstrated that the product prevents protein and lipid oxidation due to its antioxidant properties, and therefore its use as a natural antioxidant additive.

Advantages of Optiboost in a nutshell

Improvement of litter quality (feces of animals containing less parasites and pathogenic bacteria).

Improving fertilizer quality.

Reducing the number of pathogen carrier animals.

Strengthening the immune system and making the liver functional.

Reducing ovarian cysts, increasing the fertility rate.

Achieving healthier herds by increasing yield and primary performance.

Reducing the rate of contaminated carcasses in slaughterhouses.

Stronger skeleton due to its calcium-rich content

Reduced susceptibility to stress in animals, due to its potassium-rich content.

In addition to the explanations above, this product is also known to have a flavor enhancing feature in ruminants.

Usage Amount by Animal Species

In broiler and layer rations; 500 gr-1 kg per ton of feed,

In breeder rations; 1 kg per ton of food,

In small cattle and cattle; 3-5 kg per ton of food,

In pigs; 1-2 kg per ton of food,

In fish; It is at the level of 500gr-1 kg per ton of feed.

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